Baby P recap (Media work)

Using a high profile case explain how it fits with the 6 news values.

The Baby P case affected the nation in 2009 and the 6 news values allowed it to rocket from an unusual story to a high profile case. The negativity of the story captivated a large audience and the disgust which came with it held the attention. The Baby P case was about a young 17 month old boy who died after suffering injuries from his parents, the NHS and children’s service didn’t report / notice this, the main focal point which started the moral panic.

The story itself can be related as quite personal due to the fact that it’s regarding a young child which the majority of the country has. Even though it may not of been a directly personal affair something like this could happen and therefore the audience feel somewhat linked to the incident and the attention continues tog row as the story progressed during 2009.

The shock value was intense; the young child being killed (and somewhat tortured) over an 8 month period without any notification from the services which are set to protect the youth triggered a huge moral panic. People around the country were sincerely outraged by the acts of the child service program as during the time, and even now, this service is supposed to be a respectful and trusted service. The Baby P case caused worry throughout the country as this description was jeopardised.

The creation of celebrities wasn’t present, infact it creation infamous individuals for the people involved in the killing of the child. Tracy Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Owen were the names of the people who were convicting of causing or allowing the death of a child. The mother (Tracy) having pleaded guilty to the charge.

The proximity, even though not physical is close to home. It affects all families with children as the link between mother and child was present, yet somewhat toxic between Baby P and Tracy. On a global scale you could argue that it was close to home as this brutal act occurred in England.

The story continued until there was some judgement with those involved and therefore was all over the media. News hooked onto this story fast as they understood the values this case had and was aware of the attention it could bring to the company. I personally remember this story being on every news show and on the front page of numerous papers during the time. Even now the story is continually referred to as one of the most shocking cases in the countries news.

^ Basically some Media homework which I feel was worthy enough to blog about. Done in about 10 minutes and as I’m blogging it from my phone I can’t really edit any mistakes (I’ll do it at home!).

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Organising an 18th.

Since when was it hard to get friends together and have a party?! Trying to organise a bit of a party on one day and then a little gathering next is harder than some of my college A Levels! People texting me about one problem, people texting me about the other, I’m ready to turn back time to when I was 3 and not have to worry about this!

In other news, I’m 18 in 9 days, who’s going to make me a big cake and send it to England? I think I’d love you forever and I’d probably send you a slice back. 

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Torch Relay 2012 – Cleveleys.

Fortunately I was able to view the torch running through the North Lancashire town of Cleveleys a few minutes ago. The crowds were absolutely mental, children screaming, people pushing the get a better view of the empty streets and swarms of press all over the place (I wish I was one!).

Due to the lack of proffesional camera equipment I own I was only able to get a few shots on my Nokia Lumia phone. Nevertheless I thought I should blog about it as It was a truly awesome experience.

The streets were absolutely packed with eager people just waiting for the first phase whereby radio stations, advertising coaches and some less-known celebrities passed through. With the immense atmosphere everyone was screaming as soon as they heard the slightest sound related to the torch!

At first we saw the usual advertisements coming past us, banks, coca cola etc. These awesome designs definitely captivated the younger audience, and with that probably raised their marketing figures! The events team constantly attempted to engage with the audience with extreme hyperbole, but hey, that’s what they’re paid for right?

To our surprise we noticed an man in a wheelchair coming through the street (rumoured to be Dave Burns, 70, no picture confirmation) holding a torch. The crowd went wild cameras everywhere, people covering the streets and people shouting and cheering. It was truly an eye-opening experience. With my awesome placement of being next to a freelance journalist I asked if he knew if this was the event or somewhat an opening, he reassured me it was just an opening as I grabbed a better view ready for the real thing.

Minutes later the lit torch appeared in the distance and the road just filled, I still had my awesome position next to the journalists and press so snapped what I could. Unfortunately the woman holding the torch (name will be added) ran straight through the crowd before I could try and get a decent frontal shot of her. Nevertheless I got a picture of the flame, better than nothing right!

This experience truly opened my eyes and made me want to report on things like this as a career more than ever, that’s why I’m blogging about it 20 minutes after before drying off! If you’re giving this a quick read feel free to follow this blog as I try to keep it updated as much as posible!


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Official TGIF.

Most boring day of my life. Waking up to college absolutely shattered didn’t exactly start my day off well but after falling out of bed into some scruffy clothes, staring at my greased up hair and knowing I had exactly 11 minutes to get the bus stop made everything better. 

Getting on the bus, to my surprise, there was a new bus driver who spent about 10 minutes trying to fix the f’ing machine and leaving me standing there gormless as ever. Meanwhile the most talkative bitch in sixth form decided to get my bus this morning; an hour with her is just what I wanted. Anyway, I got to college early and after a quick nap I decided to head to the common room and chill for a bit. Hell no. As I finally got comfy in the common room ‘form time guys’. Could it get any worse? …

Surprisingly, yes. Finding out Science was my first subject was just great. I’ve already failed the subject due to the disgustingly boring topics yet I still have to attend and pretend I give a shit. Completing work wasn’t that bad though, we learnt about synapses and use playdoh to mould them… Or, pretended I’m listening and make as many playdoh balls as I could, then throw them around. To be perfectly honest, that lesson went incredibly fast leaving and thankfully I was already 100 minutes into my hell day. 

Second period wasn’t too bad, English Language. Ready for the lesson I turn up and remember I didn’t do the homework which was set, great. To my surprise the teacher asked me for evidence too which went down a blast

‘uhh I think I’m doing my coursework on a gossip magazine’ 

‘which one ash?’


‘why’s that?’

‘it’s gossipy’

The only phrase going through my head was kill me now. On a brighter note, we got let out early to do work. I’d class common room gossip and eating as work anyday. 

Anyway, psychology last period put the icing on the cake, with nothing but work it felt awesome. Well, the work didn’t but the haribo’s throughout the lesson sure did! Sad news though guys, my teacher is leaving. Not really much to talk about in psychology it was a pretty bland lesson.

So yeah, my college day was pretty dog to be fair and to make everything better I’ve come back to an empty house as my parents have left me for the weekend. I’m officially scared of sleeping now and feeling this tired I’ve actually hit an ultimatum. 


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Blog Activated!

Yes! Finally! Well, hello! I feel that due to this being my first official post on my blog I should introduce myself thoroughly, you know, so you know who you’re reading. I’m Ash, a English Language & Media student at St Mary’s College in Blackpool. Within my first year I’ve grown incredibly fond with these two subjects and this prompted a new career idea for myself, journalism! We all know that the journalism industry is filled with back stabbing individuals (clearly censored the word there) but hey, I feel that I can withstand that type of shit. 

The Backstory.

Anyway, bit of a back story. Having 17 years experience on this earth (18 in three weeks BOOM!) I’d like to say I’ve had my fair share of trying out hobbies, attempting to find one which suits me, Taekwondo (epic fail) to acting (let’s not go there)… I’ve definitely tried a good range. Following these awful, awful fails I decided that I’d not invest more of my time and effort into hobbies before I really have a good idea of what I wanted to do so yes, I suppose you could say I want to do this if I’m writing this post.

I attended St Edmunds Primary School and Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood and I suppose the teaching there provided me with the foundations to continue to the interesting sixth form St Mary’s in Blackpool. Needless to say I’m enjoying it or I’d of dropped out like I did with Blackpool & The Fylde College, again, let’s not go there. Wrapping up the back story, I’ve had a pretty basic life, sailed through the educational system and achieved nothing extra curricular, great isn’t it?

The Future.

After having an informative lesson regarding UCAS I decided to check the website out for possible career paths and their requirements. Having a certain type of interest in Journalist prior to checking out the website once I spotted the course and the universities offering it I was pretty hooked. Finding a decent university for challenged individuals was somewhat hard so I guess I just need to sort my self out and start doing work for the grades I want. Bullshit really, why do no colleges offer places for students with U’s, I mean, honestly.

Anyway once I achieve my straight A* grades I plan to get a position in a university with a decent facility for journalism so I can truly exploit my creative talent, as we’re all aware, journalism is basically lies just written to manipulate the society we live in. Then I’ll be able to craft some malicious articles to wreak havoc and take over the world. *evil laugh*

So yeah I guess that’s me. Feel free to hit that follow button, I don’t quite know how it works but I guess your email gets attacked with my useless crap, so why not? 



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