Blog Activated!

Yes! Finally! Well, hello! I feel that due to this being my first official post on my blog I should introduce myself thoroughly, you know, so you know who you’re reading. I’m Ash, a English Language & Media student at St Mary’s College in Blackpool. Within my first year I’ve grown incredibly fond with these two subjects and this prompted a new career idea for myself, journalism! We all know that the journalism industry is filled with back stabbing individuals (clearly censored the word there) but hey, I feel that I can withstand that type of shit. 

The Backstory.

Anyway, bit of a back story. Having 17 years experience on this earth (18 in three weeks BOOM!) I’d like to say I’ve had my fair share of trying out hobbies, attempting to find one which suits me, Taekwondo (epic fail) to acting (let’s not go there)… I’ve definitely tried a good range. Following these awful, awful fails I decided that I’d not invest more of my time and effort into hobbies before I really have a good idea of what I wanted to do so yes, I suppose you could say I want to do this if I’m writing this post.

I attended St Edmunds Primary School and Cardinal Allen Catholic High School in Fleetwood and I suppose the teaching there provided me with the foundations to continue to the interesting sixth form St Mary’s in Blackpool. Needless to say I’m enjoying it or I’d of dropped out like I did with Blackpool & The Fylde College, again, let’s not go there. Wrapping up the back story, I’ve had a pretty basic life, sailed through the educational system and achieved nothing extra curricular, great isn’t it?

The Future.

After having an informative lesson regarding UCAS I decided to check the website out for possible career paths and their requirements. Having a certain type of interest in Journalist prior to checking out the website once I spotted the course and the universities offering it I was pretty hooked. Finding a decent university for challenged individuals was somewhat hard so I guess I just need to sort my self out and start doing work for the grades I want. Bullshit really, why do no colleges offer places for students with U’s, I mean, honestly.

Anyway once I achieve my straight A* grades I plan to get a position in a university with a decent facility for journalism so I can truly exploit my creative talent, as we’re all aware, journalism is basically lies just written to manipulate the society we live in. Then I’ll be able to craft some malicious articles to wreak havoc and take over the world. *evil laugh*

So yeah I guess that’s me. Feel free to hit that follow button, I don’t quite know how it works but I guess your email gets attacked with my useless crap, so why not? 



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3 Responses to Blog Activated!

  1. Idle Emma says:

    Good luck with becoming a journalist. It seems to be a tough career now days. I have a friend doing her work placement in one of Limerick’s newspapers though and she’s loving it. I’m not sure what I plan on doing with my degree but journalism is down on the list somewhere, not sure if I’d be cut out for it though.

    • ashwarne says:

      Thanks dude! Yeah it’s such a catty and competitive industry sadly 😦 I think a placement would be a good idea for me too, maybe a little smaller first though, college newspaper and that! 😉

      • Idle Emma says:

        Ya, best start small and work your way up. Smaller papers are probably nicer places to work as well. And you’d have a better chance of getting front page articles! XD I live in a small city so local newspapers aren’t that big but my friend has already had quite a few pieces appear on the front page.

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