Torch Relay 2012 – Cleveleys.

Fortunately I was able to view the torch running through the North Lancashire town of Cleveleys a few minutes ago. The crowds were absolutely mental, children screaming, people pushing the get a better view of the empty streets and swarms of press all over the place (I wish I was one!).

Due to the lack of proffesional camera equipment I own I was only able to get a few shots on my Nokia Lumia phone. Nevertheless I thought I should blog about it as It was a truly awesome experience.

The streets were absolutely packed with eager people just waiting for the first phase whereby radio stations, advertising coaches and some less-known celebrities passed through. With the immense atmosphere everyone was screaming as soon as they heard the slightest sound related to the torch!

At first we saw the usual advertisements coming past us, banks, coca cola etc. These awesome designs definitely captivated the younger audience, and with that probably raised their marketing figures! The events team constantly attempted to engage with the audience with extreme hyperbole, but hey, that’s what they’re paid for right?

To our surprise we noticed an man in a wheelchair coming through the street (rumoured to be Dave Burns, 70, no picture confirmation) holding a torch. The crowd went wild cameras everywhere, people covering the streets and people shouting and cheering. It was truly an eye-opening experience. With my awesome placement of being next to a freelance journalist I asked if he knew if this was the event or somewhat an opening, he reassured me it was just an opening as I grabbed a better view ready for the real thing.

Minutes later the lit torch appeared in the distance and the road just filled, I still had my awesome position next to the journalists and press so snapped what I could. Unfortunately the woman holding the torch (name will be added) ran straight through the crowd before I could try and get a decent frontal shot of her. Nevertheless I got a picture of the flame, better than nothing right!

This experience truly opened my eyes and made me want to report on things like this as a career more than ever, that’s why I’m blogging about it 20 minutes after before drying off! If you’re giving this a quick read feel free to follow this blog as I try to keep it updated as much as posible!


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2 Responses to Torch Relay 2012 – Cleveleys.

  1. Hi Ashley, thanks for the great bog on the flame coming to Cleveleys. I was surprised that one of your photos had me and my family in the background, behind the torch! My children enjoyed the experiance dispite the weather. We were standing outside the Nat West bank with other families from Sacred Heart School in Thornton. Like everyone else there we were drenched by the end of the event, but as it’s a once in a lifetime oppertunity (Probably) then it was certainly worth it.

    If I could post the picture which is the last one with the torch on Facebook/ share with friends family I would be gratefull. Many thanks again for the bog that you wrote

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