Official TGIF.

Most boring day of my life. Waking up to college absolutely shattered didn’t exactly start my day off well but after falling out of bed into some scruffy clothes, staring at my greased up hair and knowing I had exactly 11 minutes to get the bus stop made everything better. 

Getting on the bus, to my surprise, there was a new bus driver who spent about 10 minutes trying to fix the f’ing machine and leaving me standing there gormless as ever. Meanwhile the most talkative bitch in sixth form decided to get my bus this morning; an hour with her is just what I wanted. Anyway, I got to college early and after a quick nap I decided to head to the common room and chill for a bit. Hell no. As I finally got comfy in the common room ‘form time guys’. Could it get any worse? …

Surprisingly, yes. Finding out Science was my first subject was just great. I’ve already failed the subject due to the disgustingly boring topics yet I still have to attend and pretend I give a shit. Completing work wasn’t that bad though, we learnt about synapses and use playdoh to mould them… Or, pretended I’m listening and make as many playdoh balls as I could, then throw them around. To be perfectly honest, that lesson went incredibly fast leaving and thankfully I was already 100 minutes into my hell day. 

Second period wasn’t too bad, English Language. Ready for the lesson I turn up and remember I didn’t do the homework which was set, great. To my surprise the teacher asked me for evidence too which went down a blast

‘uhh I think I’m doing my coursework on a gossip magazine’ 

‘which one ash?’


‘why’s that?’

‘it’s gossipy’

The only phrase going through my head was kill me now. On a brighter note, we got let out early to do work. I’d class common room gossip and eating as work anyday. 

Anyway, psychology last period put the icing on the cake, with nothing but work it felt awesome. Well, the work didn’t but the haribo’s throughout the lesson sure did! Sad news though guys, my teacher is leaving. Not really much to talk about in psychology it was a pretty bland lesson.

So yeah, my college day was pretty dog to be fair and to make everything better I’ve come back to an empty house as my parents have left me for the weekend. I’m officially scared of sleeping now and feeling this tired I’ve actually hit an ultimatum. 


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