Baby P recap (Media work)

Using a high profile case explain how it fits with the 6 news values.

The Baby P case affected the nation in 2009 and the 6 news values allowed it to rocket from an unusual story to a high profile case. The negativity of the story captivated a large audience and the disgust which came with it held the attention. The Baby P case was about a young 17 month old boy who died after suffering injuries from his parents, the NHS and children’s service didn’t report / notice this, the main focal point which started the moral panic.

The story itself can be related as quite personal due to the fact that it’s regarding a young child which the majority of the country has. Even though it may not of been a directly personal affair something like this could happen and therefore the audience feel somewhat linked to the incident and the attention continues tog row as the story progressed during 2009.

The shock value was intense; the young child being killed (and somewhat tortured) over an 8 month period without any notification from the services which are set to protect the youth triggered a huge moral panic. People around the country were sincerely outraged by the acts of the child service program as during the time, and even now, this service is supposed to be a respectful and trusted service. The Baby P case caused worry throughout the country as this description was jeopardised.

The creation of celebrities wasn’t present, infact it creation infamous individuals for the people involved in the killing of the child. Tracy Connelly, Steven Barker and Jason Owen were the names of the people who were convicting of causing or allowing the death of a child. The mother (Tracy) having pleaded guilty to the charge.

The proximity, even though not physical is close to home. It affects all families with children as the link between mother and child was present, yet somewhat toxic between Baby P and Tracy. On a global scale you could argue that it was close to home as this brutal act occurred in England.

The story continued until there was some judgement with those involved and therefore was all over the media. News hooked onto this story fast as they understood the values this case had and was aware of the attention it could bring to the company. I personally remember this story being on every news show and on the front page of numerous papers during the time. Even now the story is continually referred to as one of the most shocking cases in the countries news.

^ Basically some Media homework which I feel was worthy enough to blog about. Done in about 10 minutes and as I’m blogging it from my phone I can’t really edit any mistakes (I’ll do it at home!).

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